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Press Releases & Posts

The National Review Covers the Race for Clark County Commission: Sin City Showdown

November 7, 2022
“Drew Johnson has spent his career fighting for smaller, more accountable government,” says Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “He has uncovered wasteful spending, pushed to eliminate burdensome regulations, and forced corrupt lawmakers out of office. The people of Clark County would benefit from his experience as a policy expert and a tenacious government watchdog.”

Press Release: Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones to appear before federal judge in connection with alleged bribery/corruption case

October 19, 2022
Jones is accused of destroying public records and other evidence in an attempt to hide bribing now-Governor Steve Sisolak with political favors.

Press Release: Clark County Commission Candidate Drew Johnson receives 3 major endorsements further securing his path toward victory on November 8th

October 17, 2022
The Las Vegas Review Journal (Nevada’s largest publication), the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce and Nevada’s Libertarian Party all agree Johnson is best suited to take on the role.

New Video Highlighting Drew's Commitment to Helping Others Released

October 5, 2022

Statement by Drew Johnson on Winning the Republican Nomination for Clark County Commission, District F

June 15, 2022
Said Johnson, "I am proud that our optimistic message of personal freedoms and limited government resonated with voters across the district. I am thankful for every person who voted for me, donated to our campaign, knocked doors, made phone calls, attended an event, put out a yard sign and supported us with kind words."

The AAPI Nevada Leadership Council Endorses Drew Johnson for Clark County Commission

June 13, 2022
The AAPI Nevada Leadership Council had this to say about Johnon's endorsement, "Drew has spent a career fighting for traditional values. He knows the issues, understands the local environment and has the ability to make a positive impact. Drew is smart, has boundless energy and will fight for the residents of Clark County. The AAPI Nevada Leadership Council proudly endorses Drew Johnson for Clark County Commission - District F."

Candidates for Freedom Endorses Drew Johnson for Clark County Commissioner in District F

May 29, 2022

Johnson Files Complaint with Nevada's Secretary of State

May 27, 2022
Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria named Lisa Mayo DeRiso to serve as the Republican representative on the Clark County Election Certification Board, a group created to certify elections in an unbiased, impartial manner. That is impossible with DeRiso on the Board. Due to her numerous conflicts of interest and inability to act in the best interests of Republican voters and candidates – the very people she is tasked with representing – she should be removed immediately.

Johnson Endorsed by the Nevada Veterans Association

May 17, 2022
“I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of the Nevada Veterans Association,” Johnson said. “Too often, the needs of Veterans are ignored and overlooked in our community. I pledge to make the health and wellness of these heroes a priority as a Clark County Commissioner.”

Meet and Greet Held in Sandy Valley

May 15, 2022
Our team always has a wonderful time visiting with everyone down in Sandy Valley! Thank you for allowing me to listen to the concerns you have for your community.

May 12th Fundraiser Held in Support of Drew Johnson

May 13, 2022
Thank you to all who attended Drew’s recent fundraiser in Summerlin. We are extremely grateful to our wonderful hosts who put on such a fun and energizing night!

Johnson Joined the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for a Ride-Along on May 8

May 10, 2022
During the ride-along, Johnson was able to experience a broad array of the types of incidents Metro officers face every day, from armed robberies and carjackings, to drug abuse and mental health issues, to automobile accidents and domestic disputes.

Liberty Watch Magazine Endorses Drew Johnson for Clark County Commission, District F

April 25, 2022
After highlighting Drew's 20-year track record as a policy expert and one of the most effective government waste experts in America, the Liberty Watch said Drew is "exactly the person Republicans – and all county residents – need representing us on the Clark County Commission."

Clark County’s Relentless Taxes and Fees Add up for Local Residents and Businesses

April 25, 2022
Clark County, the county where Las Vegas is located, is known for a taxpayer-friendly, pro-business climate. At least it used to be.

Statement on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

April 24, 2022
Johnson joins in solemnly commemorating the Meds Yeghern and honoring the memory of those murdered during the Turkish genocide of the Armenian people.

Veterans in Politics International endorses Drew Johnson

April 21, 2022
Johnson received the endorsement following a candidate interview forum that featured many of the candidates running for Clark County Commission, District F.

Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada Endorse Drew Johnson for Clark County Commission

April 21, 2022
“It is clear to us that Drew Johnson is the only candidate (Republican or otherwise) in this race with a long and public history of defending the taxpayer and exposing government waste.”

Grover Norquist in Support of Drew Johnson

April 15, 2022
The president of Americans for Tax Reform released a statement praising Clark County Commission candidate Drew Johnson's career accomplishments and commitment to taxpayers.


March 17, 2022
A supporter of one of my primary opponents threatened me with "ruining my life" by exposing all my dirt. Here's the dirt.


March 16, 2022
“We can do better, and I am committed to leading the charge to making Clark County a better place to live, work and visit."

DEROY MURDOCK: Sin City Showdown

November 7, 2022 Johnson hopes, at long last, to end one-party rule on the Clark County Commission. If Johnson beats Justin Jones, his victory will deal a losing hand to the remnants of the Harry Reid machine.

VICTOR JOECKS: What to watch for as Nevada begins early voting

October 21, 2022 Nevada might be the most-watched state in the nation on election night. With early voting starting Saturday, here’s what to keep an eye on.

GOP candidate files complaint against incumbent commissioner

October 14, 2022 Johnson said Jones sent campaign flyers to voters with false claims about Johnson and used false citations to make the voters believe Johnson said things that he did not. He also accuses Jones of publishing misleading and out-of-context statements.

Review-Journal endorsements: City Council, County Commission races

October 13, 2022 This board is in desperate need of ideological diversity. Mr. Johnson vows a commitment to transparency and would be an advocate for lower taxes and regulatory reform. We recommend a vote for Drew Johnson.

Drew Johnson, CCRP Challenge DeRiso’s Appointment To Election Board

May 27, 2022 The Clark County Republican Party (CCRP) and Drew Johnson, candidate for Clark County Commissioner District F, challenged Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria’s appointment of Political Consultant Lisa Mayo DeRiso to the Clark County Election Certification Board.

Military Contractor Ignoring Sanctions on Russia

May 6, 2022 The Las Vegas Sun featured Drew's nationally syndicated column exposing how a U.S. military contractor is ignoring sanctions against Russia and helping funnel money to Putin.

Federal Lawmakers Should Oppose Price Controls on Credit Cards at Every Turn

May 6, 2022 Drew Johnson's latest piece, published in Townhall, looks at why a new socialist-style credit card regulation scheme proposed by Democrats in Congress would reduce credit to small businesses, lead to more fraud, make credit cards more expensive, and kill everything you like about your credit cards. (Sorry, no more cash-back bonuses or airline miles if Dems have their way!)

A U.S. Military Contractor is Ignoring Sanctions Against Russian and Funneling Money to Putin

May 5, 2022 Drew Johnson's latest column published in Inside Sources exposes how a US military contractor is funneling money to Putin by ignoring sanctions against Russia.

Drew Johnson Recognized for Attending, Providing Statement Recognizing Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

April 26, 2022 Drew Johnson was recognized for attending and providing a statement recognizing the Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day event at the Armenian Genocide Memorial Monument at Sunset Park.

Clark County Cannabis Sales Fund Illegal Aliens Awaiting Deportation

April 25, 2022 Drew Johnson criticizes Clark County boondoggle that uses marijuana sales tax revenues to help illegal immigrants fight deportation:

“It’s nothing new for the open border extremists on the Clark County Commission to put those here illegally before law-abiding county residents. This boondoggle is just another example of why we need new voices on the Commission.”

Drew Johnson's Response to Incumbent Justin Jones' Corrpution Scandal With Steve Sisolak

April 15, 2022 Drew is quoted by The Nevada Globe in response to opponent Justin Jones' quid pro quo corruption scandal in which Jones deleted text messages to hide potential criminal wrongdoing.

“I’ve spent 20 years as a government watchdog and an open records expert. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my career, it’s that elected officials don’t delete text messages unless they have something to hide," Drew said. "Justin Jones obviously has a lot to hide.”

Drew Johnson in Support of Log Cabin Republicans Outreach Efforts

April 14, 2022 Drew named among a number of Republican candidates who are supportive of Log Cabin Republicans of Nevada and the group's efforts to reach out to women, LGBT and other minority voters.

Conservative Credentials, Free Speech Highlighted

March 31, 2022 The Nevada Independent highlights Drew's conservative credentials, as well as his support of free speech and individual liberty.

Interview With Alan Stock

March 30, 2022

Endorsement & Signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

March 27, 2022 Drew is among a small number of candidates personally recommended by Las Vegas-based conservative activist, author and campaign guru Chuck Muth in his "Muth's Truths" column. Muth also applauds Drew for signing the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and promising to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

It’s Official: Welcome to Election ’22 in Nevada!

March 20, 2022 In his latest edition of "Muth's Truths," Las Vegas-based conservative activist, author and campaign guru Chuck Muth calls Drew a " longtime conservative warrior" who is fighting to defeat a "Democrat gun-grabbing socialist."

The Sandal to Invent a Scandal

March 18, 2022 How Clark County Republican Chairman Jesse Law, a fringe candidate and a shady real estate developer conspired to attack one of Nevada’s rising Republican stars.

Drew Johnson Interviewed by Las Vegas Radio Host Kevin Wall

March 16, 2022

Government Watchdog Drew Johnson Announces Run for County Commissioner

March 16, 2022