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logo for drew johnson for congress in CD 03 in the las vegas metro area

Drew's Top Priorities

Inflation & the Economy

Americans are hurting because of bad policy decisions made by our leaders in Washington. For too long, our federal government has been printing money we don’t have to pay for things we don’t need. The result is the dramatic inflation that is devastating our country.

There is no one better prepared to tackle this challenge. As one of America’s best-known and most-effective government watchdogs, Drew has exposed billions of dollars in wasteful government spending and saved taxpayers more than $60 billion in my career.

Transparency & Accountability

Drew has traveled the world teaching journalists, citizen activists, bloggers and taxpayers how to hold their government accountable using open records and other tools to improve government transparency. As a government watchdog and investigative journalist, Drew has forced corrupt lawmakers from office, exposed unethical and hypocritical behavior by some of the world’s most famous politicians, and fought to increase transparency from small town governments all the way to the United Nations.

Drew believes that, when it comes to government, sunlight truly is the best disinfectant. He pledges to be the most open and transparent elected official in America – and will force other members of Congress to follow his lead.

Social Security

Drew will stand up for America’s seniors and ensure they receive the Social Security benefits they worked for their whole lives, while making the program solvent for future generations.


America’s electric and fuel prices are soaring because our leaders have turned their backs on abundant, cleaner-burning natural gas in favor of unreliable, heavily subsidized, and unbelievably expensive green energy options. Environmentally friendly energy sources have their place, but not at the expense of dramatically increasing the cost of living for lower-income Americans.


It is crucial that we secure our southern border to stop the flow of violent cartels, human traffickers, and deadly Fentanyl into our communities, while making it easier to welcome immigrants willing to come into the country legally to live their American Dream.

Public Safety

Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected. Defunding the police is simply not the solution to maintaining the accountable, responsible, and effective police department our community demands.

Drew is unwavering in his support of law enforcement, fire and rescue, paramedics, corrections, and the military, and will ensure that resources needed by our First Responders are not diverted to less vital programs.


Drew is a tireless defender of parental choice and competition in education, as well as an ardent believer that the best teachers should be paid like the highly skilled professionals they are.

He believes a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching our children has failed, leaving the Clark County School District among the worst-performing school districts in America. While Congress is limited in its ability to directly improve the options available to the county’s teachers, parents and students, Drew will be a powerful voice in the fight to improve education through choice and accountability.

Housing & Land Use

The lack of affordable housing is one of the most serious issues facing Southern Nevada. While housing prices are up across the United States, Clark County’s lack of housing supply is unique. The federal government owns or controls 89% of all land in Clark County. As a result, new construction is extremely limited, meaning supply has no way of keeping up with demand. The result is skyrocketing home prices, a huge increase in the homeless population, and home ownership becoming an impossible dream for too many young, minority, and lower-income residents.

While some federal land is slowly being made available for development, Drew will encourage the Bureau of Land Management to release more property to private hands, while continuing to protect land designated for natural resource conservation and recreation. This will put homes within reach for Southern Nevada’s residents.

Small Business

As a small business owner who has dealt with the realities of making payroll and finding quality employees, Drew understands what it means to work hard and make tough decisions.

Drew will work tirelessly to streamline regulations and reduce the hassle of government so it’s easier for small business owners to accomplish their dreams.

Decency & Unity

The biggest challenge facing America today are the rifts created by our politicians, media, and special interests to divide us based on class, race, political party, religion, gender, and any other distinct characteristics we may have.

As a member of Congress, Drew will work to unite our communities and safeguard those who are vulnerable. In these divisive times, we must elect people willing to heal wounds, celebrate our differences without dividing us, and govern without abusing power.

You make better decisions for yourself and for your family than the government ever could. My goal is to put those decisions back in your hands.

– Drew Johnson