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Meet Drew Johnson

Meet Drew

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Meet Drew

Drew is fighting to increase personal freedoms and decrease government mandates.

Drew and his wife Sarah – and their two rescue dogs, Nola Mae and Olive – have lived in Southern Nevada for nearly a decade.

They own a small consulting business that provides marketing and communications support for free market think tanks and pro-liberty grassroots organizations.

Drew and Sarah have been Vegas Golden Knights season ticket members since the inaugural season (they started the Vegas Golden Knights Victory Flamingo tradition!), as well as avid hikers and travelers.

Professionally, Drew is a well-known government waste expert and author. As a taxpayer advocate and budget watchdog, he has exposed hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers’ money at all levels of government that has led directly to reduced spending and lower taxes.  

Drew’s editorials, columns and articles have been featured in scores of newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals around the world, including The Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Forbes

He regularly provides policy insight on national and international television and radio programs and has appeared on: Fox News, the BBC, NPR, CNN, Showtime, and Fox Business, as well as The Glenn Beck Program, Hannity with Sean Hannity, and All Things Considered, among dozens of others.


Born in Tennessee, Drew was raised in a blue-collar family in rural Appalachia by a single mother who worked two jobs – at Walmart and as a maid – to make ends meet.

His grandmother, Wanda, was a huge support for Drew when he was a child – both emotionally and financially. When there wasn’t enough food to feed him and his sister, she gathered them around her table – filling their stomachs with her famous chicken and dumplings and zucchini bread.

Drew was a drummer in the high school marching band. His passion for percussion continued through college where he played as a session drummer for several Nashville country and Christian music artists.

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Drew founded one of America's most successful pro-liberty think tanks when he was 24-years-old. Under his leadership, they:

  • Ended regressive taxes that harmed lower-income individuals.
  • Expanded school choice through vouchers and charter schools.
  • Loosened licensing and regulatory rules on entrepreneurs.

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Drew attended Belmont University and it was there that he became inspired by reading works of limited government-oriented economists, including Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman. 

After graduation, Drew received a full scholarship to Pepperdine University’s School of Public Policy where he earned a Master of Public Policy. 

Drew's Career Highlights

Drew's Appointments and Honors:

Meet Drew

Drew wants to hear your concerns about our federal government and discuss ways to improve our country.

That’s why Drew is opening his calendar to you!  Click below to schedule a call, grab a coffee, or host a Meet & Greet with Drew.