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Drew Johnson is fighting for a more responsive and transparent government in Clark County. He’s running for Commission District F because you deserve a voice.

Let’s #TakeBackClarkCounty!


Drew is a well-known government waste expert and author and has exposed hundreds of billions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayers’ money.  Drew is ready to put his experience to work for Clark County.

He and his wife Sarah enjoy going to Golden Knights games (they’ve been season ticket members since year one), traveling, and hiking with their two rescue dogs, Olive and Nola Mae.

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Since 2008, all seven Clark County Commissioners have been from one political party.

The robbers have been in charge of the bank for too long. It's time for that to change. Let's #TakeBackClarkCounty!

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Drew has spent his career fighting for limited government.

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The National Review Covers Drew’s race for Clark County Commission

November 7, 2022

Johnson v. Jones. What sounds like a landmark Supreme Court case is one of 2022’s costliest county-level campaigns and one with national implications.

Team Johnson News

The National Review covers Drew Johnson's Race for Clark County Commission

November 7, 2022

Johnson, 43, is a lifelong free-market advocate, think-tank founder, and political commenter. Jones, 47, is a protégé of the former U.S. Senate Democratic leader, the late Harry Reid.

“Jones’s ads cited articles allegedly penned by Johnson. However, these citations were fake. Those articles do not exist. Johnson never wrote them.”

PRESS RELEASE: Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones to appear before federal judge in connection with alleged bribery/corruption case

October 20, 2022

Justin Jones has been caught red-handed deleting public records and other evidence in an attempt to hide his illegal activities,” said Drew Johnson, Jones’ opponent in the race for District F. “Jones should be serving time, not serving on the County Commission.”

Drew Johnson receives 3 major endorsements further securing his path toward victory on November 8th

October 17, 2022

Johnson’s commitment to open and transparent government, his push for safer communities and his business-friendly approach toward regulation, are consistently cited as reasons for the choice.

Statement by Drew Johnson on Winning the Nomination for Clark County Commission, District F

June 15, 2022

Said Johnson, “I am proud that our optimistic message of personal freedoms and limited government resonated with voters across the district. I am thankful for every person who voted for me, donated to our campaign, knocked doors, made phone calls, attended an event, put out a yard sign and supported us with kind words.”

For far too long, Clark County's budget has exploded unchecked—leaving residents' pocketbooks raided and with little to show for it. Drew is excited to trim Clark County's wasteful spending and finally lower taxes for local families, individuals, and businesses.

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For the past 14 years, one party has controlled every seat on the Clark County Commission – leaving 70% of us without a voice! Drew is fighting to end this mob mentality.

But he needs your help! Please consider volunteering.