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Statement on the Conclusion of the Campaign for Clark County Commission

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November 23, 2022

Drew Johnson Statement on the Conclusion of the Campaign for Clark County Commission.

Wednesday is the final day to request a recount in my race for Clark County Commission. After careful consideration, I have decided not to contest the results of the election.

Even though we were not victorious, we should not consider this outcome a defeat. 

We were successful in our fight to highlight the need for a more transparent, more diverse, and less corrupt Clark County. 

That showed in the sea of people who stood in line in the rain on Election Day to make their voices heard, the hundreds of small-dollar donors who contributed to our race, the scores of people who hosted meet-and-greets in their homes, the dozens of volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to our campaign, and the 53,423 District F residents who voted for our fresh, positive, inclusive vision for Clark County. 

Thank you to every person who supported our campaign! It has been a privilege and an honor to earn the trust of so many people. 

I am confident that we inspired citizen activists who will hold county leaders accountable and laid the groundwork for new voices on the Clark County Commission in 2024. 


There were 10 partisan elections in Clark County determined by fewer than 1,500 votes. Democrats won all 10 of these amazingly close races. I saw a 2,500-vote election night lead deteriorate into a 336-vote loss a week later. 

These facts may lead some to wonder if voter fraud impacted my race and if the election was stolen. The answer is “Yes, but not like some people think.”

Nearly 18,000 registered Republicans in my district did not vote. Many of these Republicans didn’t vote because people in our party’s leadership, other GOP candidates, and respected grassroots conservative activists led them to believe the election was rigged.

Other would-be Republican voters were told voting by mail wasn’t secure, leading them to opt out of receiving mail ballots. As a result, these people had no ballot to drop off when terrible weather and long lines deterred them from voting in person on Election Day.

So, yes, my election was stolen – the threat of fraud caused us as Republicans to rig the election against ourselves. In fact, Republicans would have a U.S. Senator, a Clark County Commissioner, potentially three more State Senators, and at least six more State Assemblymen if more registered Republicans simply filled in a few bubbles on a ballot and walked to their mailboxes. 

We have hundreds of well-trained Republican poll watchers, poll workers, and election attorneys who worked tirelessly to ensure votes were counted and the election was fair. At this point, the only way your vote won’t count is if you don’t vote. 

In the future, for the sake of our state and our county – and out of respect for all of the Republican candidates, volunteers, donors, and other voters – please do your part and vote. 


I know we did not lose to a better candidate, a better person, or better ideas. 

We lost to a corrupt liar who embarrassed himself with a deceitful campaign. He refused to debate, failed to discuss issues, and has no interest in solving the problems facing Clark County residents. 

In the days ahead, I intend to move forward with a defamation suit against Justin Jones. Fake quotes, false citations, and outright lies should never be part of any election. Unfortunately, they were all my opponent ran on. 

In this environment of division, distrust, and mistruths, I sought to be a positive, healing force by avoiding dirty politics and negative campaigning. I will now work within the legal system to make sure no candidate, regardless of party, ever has to unfairly endure the reckless falsehoods and bogus attacks I faced over the past few months. 

I am particularly thankful to the people who donated to our campaign despite my opponent’s threats to harm their businesses, as well as the organizations that endorsed me even though my opponent attempted to bully and intimidate their members. You are my heroes and your courage will never be forgotten. 


I have spent my life working to defend liberty and advance free market, limited government principles. That will never change. I will take the next few weeks to determine how to most effectively champion those beliefs moving forward.   

I intend to remain prepared to run again for County Commission in the likely event that the incumbent is unable to fulfill his full term due to his scandals and legal troubles and a special election is held.  

I will always cherish the friends I’ve made, the moments I’ve shared, and the incredible kindness shown to me and my wife during this campaign. 

Finally, I want to thank my wife, Sarah, for being the greatest teammate imaginable. Your love, support, wisdom, humor, and grace have inspired me and fueled this campaign.

Wherever my path leads, I promise to continue fighting for freedom, working to hold government accountable, speaking up for the less fortunate, and devoting myself to making Southern Nevada a better place. 

In Liberty,
Drew Johnson

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