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Sandy Valley Meet and Greet at the Cluck-N-Moo

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May 15, 2022

Sandy Valley Cluck-N-Moo Meet and Greet for Drew Johnson

May 15, 2022

Sandy Valley Meet and Greet at the Cluck-N-Moo

We always have a great time visiting with everyone down in Sandy Valley!

Thanks again to Rob and Heather, owners of the Cluck-N-Moo, for hosting our second meet and greet in Sandy Valley! We continue to be grateful to you guys for allowing us to pop in to chat with everyone.

We also enjoyed learning from Robbie and Joe about how regenerative farming practices will restore soil and allow crops to grow with very little water in Sandy Valley — one of the driest places in America. Also, a very special thank you to Danielle for a delicious meal and amazing brownies!

If you’d like to welcome us into your home with a few of your friends and neighbors, send us an email.

Thank you again. We can’t do this without you. With your help, we can #TakeBackClarkCounty!


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