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Have You Received Mail From Friends of Drew Johnson?

Here, you can find the citations for all the mailers you have received from Friends of Drew Johnson.

If you’ve received a mailer from Justin Jones, you should know that an investigavtive report was written by both the Las Vegas Review Journal and Channel 3. Both found that Justin Jones lied and provided false citations in his advertisements, mailers, and digital media. A link to those articles is below:

Las Vegas Review Journal: “One flyer sent to voters claims that Johnson is an ‘anti-choice extremist who would support laws banning abortion even in cases of rape and incest.’ The source cited, however, is a tweet about the Vegas Golden Knights and does not say anything about abortion.”

News 3: “One mailer from Friends for Justin Jones called Johnson an ‘anti-choice extremist who would support laws banning abortion, even in cases of rape and incest.’

The citation for the claim is from Drew Johnson’s Twitter (@drews_views), dated July 23, 2021. A News 3 archive search revealed no tweets on that day related to abortion. Another mail states Drew Johnson ‘Said the KKK adopting highways was ‘good.’ The citation in question said in full, ‘KKK wants to adopt a GA hwy. Good, it saves tax money & gives them less free time for cross burning and hangings.'”

"We Can't Afford 4 More Years of Justin Jones!"

Increased Sales Taxes:

Gas Tax Cost:

Natural Gas Ban:

Cost to Rename Airport:

RTC Shortfall:

Eliminate Property Tax Cap:

Home Costs:

Most Tax Increases as a State Senator:

"Justin Jones' mismanagement of the Animal foundation has allowed healthy adoptable dogs and cats to be killed."

Former Animal Foundation COO says prior warnings of crisis at shelter fell on deaf ears

Animal Foundation employees walk out to protest ‘appalling’ conditions

Las Vegas City Council member says she saw ‘horrible’ conditions

The Animal Foundation: 1 dog dead, 17 others infected in respiratory illness outbreak

Shelter not taking strays

Newborn kittens being euthanized at TAF forces volunteer to foster half-dozen

  • KTNV October 5, 2022

Animal Foundation ‘on the brink of a crisis’

CEO salary:

Justin Jones’ Support of the Animal Foundation

Have You Received A Mailer From Justin Jones?

Drew’s opponent Justin Jones has spent millions of dollars spreading downright lies about him and his 20 year career in journalism and as a government watchdog.

Let’s clear some of those things up!


The reason “Clark County Republicans have avoided talking about their extreme plans to take women’s rights away” is because those plans don’t exist.
You see, Justin Jones is a liar who thinks you’re too stupid to know that abortion is safe here in Nevada.
Since 1990, abortion has been protected by state law up to 24 weeks and always will be.
No one can do anything about it — especially not a Clark County Commissioner who has NOTHING at all to do with abortion anyway.
But unlike Justin Jones, Drew Johnson actually does believe in your rights.
Justin banned your right to free speech, mandated masks and vaccines, and believes the government should have authority over your body, your mind, and your actions.
If you want a right to choose, vote for Drew Johnson, not anti-choice Justin Jones.

Porn as a "miracle product"

Drew has written extensively about the ridiculous pearl clutching that both his primary opponents and now socially-progressive Justin Jones have with an article written in 2013 for the conservative news outlet The Daily Caller.

Drew set the record straight here.

Attacking a journalist on reporting scientific studies is an absolute terrifying road to go down.

Background: Several well-researched and peer-reviewed psychological studies indicate that as internet availability goes up (as does access to cheap/free pornography) violent assaults against women decrease. The article Drew wrote also discusses the problems within the porn industry.

Do you have a question about something that isn’t addressed here? Shoot Drew a message. He will respond to you personally.

Justin Jones' Anti-Cop Narrative

Drew has been a journalist for 20 years.  It has been his job to report statistics and facts.

In 2014, when Drew wrote the tweet about cop killings, the environment for police officers was much different than it is today. The data also showed that the number of police officers killed on the job was actually decreasing. And there certainly was no epidemic of cop killings as the media at the time was trying to portray.

It’s hard to dispute raw facts, but Justin loves silencing people’s speech.

The Facts:

  • In 2020, 368 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury.
  • In 2014, an estimated 12,000 youth were injured on farms.
  • In 2020, 11,880 injuries from farming required days away from work.
  • In 2014, 126 federal, state, local, tribal and territorial officers were killed. More than half of those killed were the result of traffic accidents, not felonious murders.

Alex Jones

This Alex Jones narrative is bizarre. I was invited to be on his show once to talk about uncovering Al Gore’s global warming hypocrisy. Mr. Gore spent 20 times the national average on his home electricity bill than the average consumer — despite preaching to everyone else to use candles and line dry their clothes.

Justin "Backed By The Blue"

Justin has absolutely not been “Backed By The Blue.”

In fact, Justin was the only non-incumbent Commissioner to NOT receive the endorsement of Nevada’s largest law enforcement union.

That endorsement went to Drew Johnson.

Your Vote Doesn't Matter

In 2013, I wrote an article about how the best way to make your voice heard in government was to vote for your local government. I said that, depending on where you live, your vote doesn’t count for national elections and encouraged people to be informed and vote for their local representatives.

Kick Seniors off Social Security

When the retirement age was determined, our life expectancy was ____. Today, it is ____.

It is untenable to

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