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Press Release: Nevada Assemblywoman Jill Dickman Endorses Drew Johnson for Congress

August 22, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada Assemblywoman and Co-Deputy Minority Floor Leader Jill Dickman announced her endorsement of Drew Johnson in his campaign for Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District.

“It is an honor for me to serve the people of Nevada as a leading conservative voice in our state legislature. To be honest, we need a lot of help in our state in electing more liberty-minded candidates who are committed to our shared beliefs of limited government and personal freedom. Drew Johnson is the principled conservative running in this congressional district, which is why so many Nevada conservatives support his candidacy. Every Republican campaigns as a conservative, but few have the backbone and fortitude to actually serve as one in office. Drew is the one candidate in this race conservatives can trust, and I hope you join me in supporting his candidacy.” – Assemblywoman Jill Dickman

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of such a well-respected conservative legislator and leader in our party,” said Johnson. “Assemblywoman Dickman has an indisputable record of bold, consistent conservative leadership, and we are very lucky to have her fighting for us in Carson City. She knows that I am the only proven conservative in this race and will beat Susie Lee this November, and I look forward to leaning on her for her valuable guidance and expertise throughout this campaign.”

Republican Drew Johnson is running to represent Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District. Drew was raised by a single mom in rural Appalachia. After finishing college and graduate school, he founded one of America’s most influential free-market think tanks. Johnson is a leading government watchdog, columnist, and advocate of low taxes, balanced budgets, school choice, a secure border, and personal freedom over government control.

drew johnson headshot in summerlin
Drew Johnson and Sarah Johnson at home in Summerlin.
drew johnson with wife sarah johnson in summerlin nevada