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Press Release: Drew Johnson condemns Heidi Kasama’s vote to send $25M to the Democrat-supporting Culinary Union

October 26, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Republican congressional candidate Drew Johnson condemned Heidi Kasama, his GOP primary challenger in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district, for her vote to send $25 million in state taxpayers’ money to the Culinary Union 226. The Culinary Union is a far-left organization that campaigns each cycle to defeat Republicans up and down the ballot.

AB525 and SB341, known as the “Christmas Tree” bills, appropriate tax dollars from the state general fund to various non-profits and government agencies. The Culinary Union received a total of $25 million from the two Christmas tree bills, including $21 million for a capital improvement project and $4 million for an outreach campaign to attract new members.

The Culinary Union received the largest single disbursement from these bills by a factor of 4 to 1. Kasama voted in support of both pieces of legislation.

The Culinary Union is the single most powerful tool Democrats use to win elections here in Nevada, and Heidi Kasama voted to give them millions of tax dollars to help defeat Republicans,” said Johnson. “Don’t be fooled; the money Kasama irresponsibly voted to give to the Culinary Union will be used by the union’s political machine to canvass, ballot harvest, and get out the vote for Democrats.”

On Wednesday, about 75 Culinary Union members were arrested for sitting in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard as a part of a controversial protest, creating gridlock on the Strip that inconvenienced visitors and potentially slowed the response time of first responders.

“Honestly, I’m surprised Heidi wasn’t out marching with the Culinary Union last night, given how much she’s supported them.” Johnson stated.