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Press Release: Frontrunner Drew Johnson Welcomes Liberal Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama to the Republican Primary for CD3

August 21, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Drew Johnson offered his welcome to “Republican” Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama upon her entrance into the GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district.

“I’ve made my career fighting for conservative principles as a government watchdog, exposing waste, fraud, and abuse of power. So, I look forward to exposing Assemblywoman Kasama’s liberal record in this primary,” said Johnson.

Kasama has recently come under fire after it was revealed that in 2018, while serving as a director for the National Association of Realtors PAC, she directed millions of dollars in contributions to far-left Democratic candidates and organizations. Kasama approved donations to the DNC, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar, and even Susie Lee, the extremist liberal congresswoman Kasama is now suddenly and oddly running to replace.

“Kasama has always been considered the most liberal Republican in Nevada—a true ‘Republican in Name Only.’ But I never realized she was actively funneling money to socialist Democrats,” said Johnson. “It seems that Kasama believed in these causes so much that she even gave thousands of dollars of her own money to the PAC to be distributed among fringe leftists who attack everything Republicans believe in.”

Kasma was also recently mocked and criticized for introducing AB186, a bill that strictly prohibits restaurants from serving drinking water to patrons unless they specifically ask for it. The bill mimicked regulations passed by the California State Water Resources Control Board in 2015. The bill was ridiculed by conservative lawmakers and community leaders and received no other co-sponsors from either party.

Johnson, meanwhile, has spent 25 years working at limited government think tanks, media outlets, and advocacy organizations. Considered one of America’s most effective government watchdogs, Johnson frequently consults with lawmakers to develop policy solutions rooted in free markets, individual liberty, and personal responsibility.

Johnson is credited with saving taxpayers more than $60 billion by exposing wasteful and ineffective programs that were later eliminated. He also co-authored parental choice legislation that resulted in tens of thousands of children receiving a quality education. His efforts to remove excessive licensing burdens on low-income entrepreneurs empowered hundreds of Americans to live their American Dream.

“Because of my commitment to our principles, I’ve earned the endorsement of Nevada’s most well-respected conservatives, including State Controller Andy Matthews, Senator Jeff Stone, and Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant,” Johnson noted. “Our campaign will harness the support of Southern Nevadans who are tired of the government having too much power to win the primary in June and retire Susie Lee in November.”

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Drew Johnson and Sarah Johnson at home in Summerlin.
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