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logo for drew johnson for congress in CD 03 in the las vegas metro area

Press Release: Republican Drew Johnson launches campaign for the 3rd Congressional District of Nevada​

Longtime government watchdog, think tank analyst, and small business owner enters race to defeat Washington insider Susie Lee.

May 4, 2023

Las Vegas – Today, Republican Drew Johnson announced his campaign to represent Nevada residents of the 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. In addition to being one of America’s best-known and most-effective government watchdogs, Drew and his wife Sarah own and operate a small business. They are actively involved in improving the quality of life for hardworking Nevadans.

Johnson has spent his career fighting to protect the individual liberties of all Americans, of all backgrounds. Through his work as a government watchdog, Johnson forced corrupt public officials from office and saved taxpayers billions of dollars by exposing wasteful government spending. As a policy analyst and scholar at public policy think tanks, his research has led to lower taxes, reduced regulations on small business owners, improved government transparency, and greater parental choice in education.

“Today, I am proud to launch our effort to help restore the basic, fundamental role of government for our citizens,” Johnson stated.  “Together, we will restore fiscal sanity in Washington. We will secure our southern border to stop the flow of violent cartels, human traffickers, and deadly Fentanyl into our communities. We will give every family from every background the same choice in where to send their kids to school that the wealthy and elite families enjoy today.”

“Susie Lee has come to exemplify Washington corruption. She defends an unaccountable, bloated federal government and adheres to an out-of-step, misguided progressive ideology that deprives Nevadans of our fundamental individual liberties,” Johnson continued. “She has increased taxes, voted for careless spending that spiked inflation, weakened our global reputation, and helped to create the alarming increase in crime that prevents Nevadans from feeling safe in their own communities. Worst of all, Lee has exploited her position in Congress to become even richer through shady insider stock trades while her constituents struggle in the tough economy she helped to create.”

“I believe that individuals make better decisions about their lives than government ever will. I’m proud to have spent 20 years working at think tanks, media outlets, and grassroots organizations fighting to empower people to live their American Dream. I will fight for commonsense solutions to crime, spending, and immigration while rooting out public corruption. It’s what all Nevadans deserve.” 

Johnson was raised in rural Appalachia by a single mom who worked two jobs to make ends meet. After college and graduate school, he lived in his car to start a successful nonprofit dedicated to promoting the principles of limited, accountable government. Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is considered one of the nation’s top-tier swing districts and is listed as a key pick-up opportunity for Republicans.

drew johnson headshot in summerlin
Drew Johnson and Sarah Johnson at home in Summerlin.
drew johnson with wife sarah johnson in summerlin nevada